Evidence That Needs to Be Collected

It is important to gather as much information as you can immediately after the accident. This prevents information from being “lost” or altered. It also ensures that your memory of the incident is fresh and as accurate as can be. This is another reason it is important to have an office on scene, and take ample pictures and notes.

Our team of well experienced attorneys will use and obtain the following information to begin building your case:

  • Accident reports (via law enforcement)
  • Witness statements
  • Pictures of the accident
  • Data from the trucks black box (data recorder)
  • The truck drivers “hours of service” log report
  • Surveillance footage (if applicable)
  • Cell phone records
  • Safety records from any and all companies that are involved in the operation of the commercial vehicle
  • Accident reconstruction report of the scene

Our team will also record the severity of injuries that you suffered from the collision. If you sought medical attention, and have a rehabilitation plan, that will be included.

We will then use a combination of all these factors to build you a solid case. We want to be there for our clients and give them the best results, with the least amounts pain and stress possible.


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