There are several types of injuries that can occur after a trucking accident. However, not all injuries are guaranteed to occur all together. Injuries can arise directly after the accident, or several weeks or months later. Here are some common injuries:

Head/Brain Injuries: Head injuries after an accident can range from short lived to long lasting. Severity of the injury may depend on the severity of the accident. However, head or brain injuries do not require direct contact to occur. Damage can occur simply from whiplash alone. In some cases, damage may not be immediately apparent; they can develop over time after the accident. More extreme cases can lead to permanent failure of cognitive functions, chain in behavior and thought patterns, and fatality. After an accident, a doctor should monitor any symptoms of: blurry vision, headache, nausea, vision problem, and changes in cognitive functions.

Limb Amputation and Lacerations: Cuts and lacerations can be caused from impact, or contact with broken materials at the time of the accident; like broken glass. This can possibly lead to internal damage, infections, and lasting scars. Unfortunate cases can also result in the severing of limbs; including that of the legs, arms, fingers, feet, hands, etc.

Burns: Since commercial trucks are very large, the rupturing of a gas tank, inciting a fire, is very likely. Fires are more common in accidents involving commercial trucks than in passenger vehicle incidents. A fire can cause damage to any involved vehicle as well as the people inside of them. Fires can cause lasting physical damage to the body, and worse, fatality.

Neck and Back Injuries: This is a very common injury in motor vehicle accidents. Neck and back injuries can be caused by the forceful moment of impact. A person may experience extreme pain until treated; and even then, the injury may not be able to be 100% fixed. If the damage is severe, paralysis can occur. This is also one of the injuries that can develop and become more prominent over time.

Spinal Cord Injury: Impact of injury in a trucking accident can cause great damage to the bones, nerves, and or muscles in the spinal cord. This leads to the possibility of temporary, partial, or complete paralysis of the spine or other parts of the body. Non-permanent injuries may require long and intensive treatment before recovering, making it a painful process. Some cases even require surgery to achieve recovery.

Internal Injuries: Powerful blunt force trauma during impact can cause injury and internal bleeding/rupture to organs like the: kidney. bladder, pancreas, liver, and spleen.

Torso and Rib Injuries: Abdomen trauma can be extremely painful and dangerous. The ribs surround your lungs, and when they are broken, they have the possibility of puncturing your lungs which can lead to death. They can also lead to more severe damage in your body if broken pieces of ribs are not properly identified.

Seatbelt and Airbag Injuries: During impact, seatbelts can confine the chest and/or abdomen area which can cause injury. The blunt force of an airbag deployment can cause damage to any part of the body it hits; including whiplash, facial injuries, head and neck trauma, etc.

Wrongful Death: In extremely sad and unfortunate cases, a collision may result in fatality. This is defined as “wrongful death”, which may entail a claim by the victims family.


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