It is important to remember that no two accidents are ever truly the same.  However, when two passenger vehicles are involved in a collision, there may be many similarities in injury or legal matters compared to other passenger vehicle accidents. Though you can’t really compare accidents involving both a commercial/non-commercial truck and a passenger vehicle to that of two passenger vehicles for several reasons.


  • Trucking accidents cause more property damage. Since trucks are much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, they typically cause far more property damage. Usually, cars become un-drivable after a collision with a truck. This can also be caused by things that are stored in the truck flying out of the back and hitting your car.
  • There is a chance of more severe injury. Of course, excessive injury and chance of fatality can play part in any severe passenger vehicle accident. However, those chances are extremely heightened in trucking accidents. The weight of the truck and the speed upon impact can easily leave someone debilitated, paralyzed, in critical condition, or worse. It is rare to walk away from a trucking accident without some type of injury.
  • Higher medical costs are involved. Since injuries are typically far more severe in trucking accident cases, more intensive medical treatment is required. Therefore, bills skyrocket. On top of that, some people may require short-term or long-term disability, which just adds to the bill.
  • Trucks have larger insurance policies. Trucks and 18-wheelers are required to have insurance policies nearly 50 times larger than typical car insurance policies. Typically, they have to carry policies that go over millions of dollars due to the greater chance of damage and injury. Since they have such high insurance stakes, they will hire the best representation and protection possible. This is why it is important to obtain an experienced trucking accident attorney. This is pertinent in proving your case, and getting what you rightfully deserve.
  • Trucks are guided by different laws. Since trucks are governed and monitored by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMSA), they are guided by different laws than most other vehicles. They are required to be maintained differently to pass inspections, they are required to only work a certain amount of hours without rest, and they are required to maintain a logbook of their time spent driving. Since they are regulated so differently than other vehicles, it is a very complex process to find them at fault.
  • Chances of a wrongful death suit are greatly increased. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports between 3000-5000 deaths a year from trucking accidents. People involved in trucking accidents are more likely to pass away than those involved in other accidents. This can result in wrongful death suits, that can cost millions of dollars.
  • An experienced trucking accident attorney is important. Having a trucking accident and injury attorney/lawyer will help you get the medical treatment and settlement that you deserve. Since trucking companies generally hire the best representation possible, you need someone to fight for you. Please contact us for a free consultation today.