A new interactive map shows the documented most dangerous parts of the I-5 in accordance with semi-truck collisions. I-5 is the only continuous U.S. interstate that runs all the way from Mexico to Canada. It is also the primary North-South highway that runs through Washington.

Davis Law Group of Seattle has tracked accident data from Jan. 1, 2017 all the way to March 30, 2018. This data is included in the interactive map, as well as data that will continue be added and updated moving forward.

They said their goal is to show “how dangerous large trucks are on the Interstate 5 corridor through Washington state”. However, it can also be a useful resource for all other commercial truck drivers, warning them of typical danger zones and crash zones along the highway. This can help them be more aware and careful on the roadways. The Davis Law Group rated these areas based on accidents included serious and minor injuries, and accidents resulting in fatality, all involving trucks.

The map currently shows the most dangerous areas being:

  • King County– I-5 mile posts 140-177. King County and its cities experiences 66 commercial vehicle accidents over the course of the time this data was collected. Of those, one was fatal, and 5 were classified as “serious accidents”. The one suffered fatality was a truck driver.
  • Pierce County– I-5 mile posts 115-139. During the studies time, there were 42 trucking accidents.
  • Snohomish County– I-5 mile posts 178-217. There were 3 fatal and 3 serious injuries during the studied time.
  • Lewis County– I-5 mile posts 55-87. There were 15 heavy truck collisions during the studied time, including 1 fatality.
  • Thurston County– I-5 mile posts 88-114. There were 17 collisions during the studied time, including 2 fatalities.

There is also a viewable traffic cam for the I-5, as well as viewable travel alerts  for the sections of the I-5 that are deemed most dangerous.