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W. Craft Hughes
W. Craft Hughes
Craft Hughes is an aggressive truck accident litigator who has represented numerous lawsuits with his principle office in Houston, Texas. His networked access to important experts contribute to his success in representing victims and individuals in legal claims including truck accidents, whistleblower retaliation, wrongful termination, False Claims Act, qui tam, pharmaceutical drug litigation, consumer protection, false advertising, Medicare fraud, Texas Medicaid fraud, healthcare fraud, government contractor fraud, eminent domain, condemnation and complex commercial litigation.
Jarrett Lee Ellzey
Jarrett Lee Ellzey
Jarrett L. Ellzey has been a litigator his entire legal career, but learned the art of trial law by actually taking the other side to trial when a settlement proposal is not reflective of injustice suffered by his client. Since the beginning of his career, Jarrett has represented clients in matters ranging from truck accidents to nationwide consumer class actions in state and federal courts across the nation, including Texas, California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. Since Hughes Ellzey, LLP opened in 2010, Jarrett and his partner Craft have tried dozens of cases and, during only a five-year stretch, succeeded in obtaining over $23 million in verdicts.


Hughes Ellzey is a nationwide truck accident law office with a breadth of legal knowledge and experience. We understand the difficulty in dealing with accident cases and the process involved in assessing a fair outcome for our clients. Many factors contribute to the case and determining the result typically includes compensation for damages, any lost wages and any medical expenses incurred as a result of injury. We are committed to achieving justice on behalf of our clients and will fight to get you the outcome you deserve.

  • During only a five-year stretch, Hughes Ellzey succeeded in obtaining over $23 million in verdicts.

  • Boutique nationwide litigation firm focused on representing truck accident clients.

  • We accept cases based on the merits of a client’s position, not based on any preference for either side of the bar.

  • Experience fighting large organizations (ex. Hughes Ellzey obtained a $5.38 Million unanimous verdict against Wells Fargo Bank)

  • Years of actual trial experience that can be leveraged to help strengthen your case.


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